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    Okay guys, anyone know a cool classy font that I could use? If so please send it to my Email address, as above in the contact me (basicly 404 page lol) . Apart from that there a few sketches that I have yet to upload, either because I've had them for so long that I forgot about them or because I haven't had access to a scanner for quite a while. Anyway, Over and Out YanYang

    So, I was looking 'round and suddenly I come across this website, which, although being about ponies has the most awesome design ever, just click on Themes in the upper-right corner and you see what I mean. That timelord css is really lush and I just love the image board software they're using, however I haven't found the open source base of it although when I do we'll have a whole image board guys, how awesome is that!?


    Bittersweet Candy Bowl is written and drawn by Veronica “Taeshi” Vera (Email Link; No Spam!), © 2006–2011 and all featured drawings are in no way related to her. If you wish, you man use the content of Bittersweet Candy Bowl for noncommercial purposes but if you make something interesting let them know! A page-by-page RSS feed is available, as well as a chapter-by-chapter RSS feed.

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